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6 days ago

We are very happy to Welcome Daisy Dyral to Synergy Cleaning as our new trainee Area Manager 😁😁😁

53 days ago

Christmas Planning Number FOUR Wrapping and food planning If you are like us at Synergy Cleaning, you will be super organised for Christmas ….. Not!! I am one of those people who hates wrapping presents, I used to get my children to do lots of wrapping when they were younger, but one thing I have learnt is to make sure you wrap at you buy and then you not left with lots of present to wrap on Christmas Eve. Label up gifts for friends and family but also make a note of what you have bought, especially for children, I am sure I am not the only person who has managed to get my children two of the same present, and rather than label up the children’s presents I would just put there initials on the parcel and put them into a Santa bag, but if you do one thing, make sure you make a list of what you have already bought. In a world of social media, everyone loves to post photos of how many presents they or their children have. Please remember that some children are not as fortunate, I love our photo today as it shows just how ridiculous Christmas can get, no wonder we are all under pressure to spend spend spend. You also need to be thinking about your menu for Christmas eve and Christmas day, if you are planning on eating out then this should be booked by now, I believe the only place that has a couple of tables free is the brew and brisket at Clifton moor. Write a master shopping list based on your menu, check your cupboards for items you may already have in, you will need to order your meat, if you have space buy your turkey now and freeze it, they get very expensive in December, if you don’t have space then shop around, shop around, shop around ……. And look, if you can’t afford a Turkey, get a large chicken, it’s more than half the price and just as good, to be honest I prefer chicken to turkey. #synergycleanteam #synergychristmas #synergycleaning #synergychristmasplanning

60 days ago

Very pleased to announce we have had our 5th Synergy baby , well done Denise and welcome baby Frankie a healthy 8 pound 8 xx

62 days ago

Christmas Planning tip Number Three Shopping Ok, so we have our budget and our list, now let’s go shopping, present shopping that is, do not buy any fresh food yet!! You have decided who you are going to buy for, the little kids have already written to Santa and if they haven’t then get pen to paper because you need to know what you can get and what needs to be negotiated, yes…. Negotiate. Just because our little darlings have requested the entire contents of “toys r us” doesn’t mean you have to buy it!! Now is the best time to buy, that’s if you haven’t in the January sales, get as much as you can, most people will just have two pay days between now and Christmas, try and pay cash or debit card, it’s all too easy to pay on your credit card and run up a massive bill, be strict with yourself. Christmas puts so much pressure on family’s, they want the best toys and gadgets for their kids, if you’re going to buy someone a mobile phone and try and get it in the sales after Christmas and tell them they will get an extra special present if they wait a little bit, it’s so frustrating spending full price for something in November and seeing it at the end of December with 75% off. So try and leave the “main” present till the sales, it’s not long to wait, maybe even tell a little fib, give your kids a letter from Santa saying he is out of stock but as soon as he has it he will make an extra special journey to deliver it, they get two Christmas mornings… result …. just don’t bankrupt yourself for one day. I did this with my children and it worked a treat, remember … stick to your budget and stick to your list …. HAPPY SHOPPING #synergycleanteam #synergychristmasplanning #synergycleaningready

69 days ago

Today is about remembering all those men and women who were and are brave enough to give there life for us and our country, its doesn’t matter what religion you follow, your colour or sex, today we all stand together to thank those who gave their life and those who continue to fight for us. Thank You all

70 days ago

Christmas planning Tip number TWO........ The List ..... Ok so you have your budget, you know how much your going to spend on everyone, you have told friends and family who you will NOT be buying presents for. Now ....... make that list. Doing this will really help you see if your budget is going to stretch and if you need to curb the spending a little. We can all go mad at this time of year, but you don't need to, the point of working out your budget is so that you don't over spend, so make sure you don't. Start by working out who you will be buying gifts for, then see if you can buy a cheaper gift or even something else, bath sets are great, but some can cost a fortune, maybe make your own, you can buy a nice box, put some shower gel in, foot cream, a sponge, and a little note, or do a little hamper with useful items such as coffee, sugar and treats. You will save so much money by making your own little gift sets. Its not just the present list either, don't forget the food list, how many times have you gone to do the Christmas food shop and come home with bags and bags of food, and the day after boxing day its in the bin. Work out what you are to eat Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day, add in some treats and snacks for any visitors but try not to go mad. Christmas day dinner doesn't have to be an expensive do either, if you cant afford a turkey get chicken and add some Roast pork, get the wonky veg, buy wine (if you drink) and add soda water to make a fizz, its about sharing a lovely family meal together and not breaking the bank.

73 days ago

So Proud of Alex

73 days ago

There is a saying, "its never to late to be what you wanted to be" this is so very true, Alex Rae one of our longest serving employees has always wanted to write a book and finally he has done just that and got it punished. We are so proud to have a talented author working for us and you can buy his book on Amazon, well done Alex

77 days ago

Christmas Planning ........ TIP NUMBER ONE! The Budget. Before you even start really thinking about how to get ready for Christmas, you need to work out your budget so that you can prepare wisely and STICK TO IT!! Remember to involve everything you will need. This includes; food, decorations, presents, outings, obligatory tacky jumpers…even postage stamps for Christmas cards and parking at the shopping centre. Work out what you will need to spend and where and write it all down. You can then get a better idea of how to manage your money, without any unnecessary splurges closer to the big day. Don't waste Your money on the obligatory tacky jumpers, they get warn for one day and then put to the back of the cupboard. Work out what you want to get for everyone, sometimes you do not need to buy presents, writing a lovely message in a card and posting it is enough, today we just send a text message or an email but a hand written card in the post is so lovely and means so much more. Don't be shy to tell everyone that your not buying presents, they may well be feeling the same way, but feel under pressure to buy them, money is always tight at Christmas so you would be surprised how glad someone will be if you say "this year I am just sending out cards" or "this year i am only buying presents for the kids or partner" Give the kids a budget, going mad spending hundreds of pounds on them is silly, you have worked hard for that money, so give them a budget be it £50 or £100 but only what you can afford and STICK TO IT! So now you have your budget and you are going to Stick to it.

77 days ago

Christmas can be a very stressful time for many people, we know there is still bonfire night to get through but its never too early to start preparing and planning for Christmas and with just a little over 7 weeks to go its not to early to start. STARTING TODAY ....... We will be giving you wonderful people tips every week on how to prepare yourself for the big mans arrival and hopefully make it a little less stressful.

From four star Herrington Park log cabins has used many different cleaning contractors in the past and they have only ever lasted a couple of weeks, she often says she was sick of all the fake promises she was given and the standards in the cabins dropped.

Every Visitors' book in these cabins now compliments the standard of cleaning.

Herrington Park

Can't believe the difference, the team are trained and know what to do, they don't waste time just get straight on to it.

Shaw Trust

Synergy goes above and beyond by putting flowers in the ladies toilets and little air fresheners around so the office doesn’t smell like an old solicitor’s! I was, and still am over the moon with the cleaning.

Diane Robb,
XX Solicitors, York

I have, in the past, used many contract cleaning companies, they all start off well and after time the service starts to slip, I have very high standards and am extremely pleased with the work Synergy Cleaning do for me, I have been using them for over a year now and will not want to change, I can leave them with a key confident that when I return my home will be pristine, all the staff wear uniforms and know what they are doing, it is by far the best company I have used.

Maureen Briggs,
Domestic client

From the first contact with synergy cleaning you sense that this is an efficient organistation. Michaela is business-like and wants to help. It is a joy to walk into such a clean office every day. I could not recommend Michaela and her staff more highly.

Julie Wilson,
Practice Manager,
Sykes Lee Brydson

I have worked for many cleaning companies over the years and when I got my job with Michaela at Synergy I thought they would be just the same as all the others, no uniforms, no support or cleaning materials, well how wrong was I, I have been working for Synergy for over a year and we are always provide with Uniforms, we get support and the tools to do our job, it’s a great company.

Andy Pike,
Lafarge Quarry,

I worked for the council for 25 years and unfortunately had to be retired on medical grounds, At my age, I thought I would never get another job, I sent off 100s of letters and not one response until I got in touch with Synergy, I have to say it’s the best job in the world, Michaela and the team go out of their way to support me and everyone works as a team, I love getting up in the morning and getting out to work, I never want to leave, I genuinely just love working for Synergy and Michaela.

Ian Hambleton,
Wilkinson head office,

I had been looking for work for some time and really didn’t fancy going into cleaning, but from my very first interview I knew this company was going to be big. I have had training, all the things I didn’t think I would get from a cleaning company, like a staff hand book, health and safety training, and a future, I know I will go far and I am encouraged to do so, I have only been working for synergy for 7 months but I know I am going to be around for a very long time.

Donna Briggs,
Area Supervisor in York

From our first contact with Michaela and Synergy we have not been disappointed, it’s a very professional organisation and Michaela knows her stuff, the team are well trained, always arrive in uniform and are extremely efficient and very reliable, more often they are waiting at the gates when we arrive, they always go above and beyond and do those little extras that often get forgot about, I have no hesitation at all in recommending Synergy Cleaning Ltd.

Colin, York Van Centre